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Thread: Irvin Out

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    Re: Irvin Out

    "muchluv4moss" wrote:
    "AngloVike" wrote:
    "vikingstw" wrote:
    Shit he hurt hiself during warmups this this sucks. Torn something he could be out for awhile i dont know the specifics.
    KFAN is reporting that Irvin ruptured the achilles tendon around the right knee. This is the end of Irvin's season - not a good start for the season

    Any official word on if irvin is truely out for the year, like it looks? What the hell are we gonna do, if he is out for the year? I know rushen jones and rhett nelson aren't gonna cut it as nickel and dime Cb's. We are gonna face many teams this year, better equipped to go to 4 and 5 wr sets, than the cowboys, and they would absolutely pick us apart with those guys as our CB's. This really worries me. Wish we still had derek ross. Still don't understand that release? We have to find someone.
    If its an achilles tendon as they report; he will likely have surgery, 4-6 weeks in a cast, then 6 months in a walking boot, then 6-12 months of physical therapy. I know because I just ruptured my achilles tendon myself and had surgery about a week ago. Yeah, he's out for the rest of the year, unfortunately.

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    Irvin Out

    "briboy75" wrote:
    I think Green Bay may be willing to take less than a first at this point.

    Anybody know of any other corners we can pick up?

    Actually, if green bay was willing to take less than a 1st, they would have made a deal already with the saints, who are offering a 2nd and a player for MM.

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    Irvin Out

    Tice said Moe will miss a few days practice but he is a tough guy and should be ready to go, so he was down playing Moe's ankle sprain!

    Also said that Michael Bennett looked good in practice today, but said with the depth we have at back he would not rush him tell he is almost perfect!

    Said Rushen had a bruised chest and pride, said he should be ready for Monday night

    Said Jimmy K had a hyper extended Knee and would be rested a few days, But he is a tough guy and will be ready to play

    Did not mention Udeze shoulder at all. (?)

    Said he was not happy with the D front line and that they started doing things they did last year and that they would work on it!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Irvin Out

    I wish Rushen was out for the damn year. That guy is horrible!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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