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    Intestinal Fortitude...who's got it?

    They call it guts, balls, heart.
    Any time you watch a movie about heroes, it's that indefinable quality that makes them rise above challanges, stare death in the eyes, and triumph over the impossible.
    It's what seperates men from boys...unless you're a Packer fan, in which case it's a crowbar.

    My question is, "Does Brad Childress have any?"

    All season long we've wondered when this brilliant Offensive scheme was going to kick it into gear and provide us with a viable opportunity to win the close games provided by the Defense.
    In at least two of the last 15 games, were it not for the Defense and Special Teams, we would have been blanked.


    I submit that the answer MIGHT be that our Head Coach, the guy that makes all the game day decisions, the guy that calls all the shots, the "Big Kahuna", lacks intenstinal fortitude.

    How many times did we march down field and "settle for 3"?
    Too damn many.
    How many times did ANY of us get the impression that our Head Coach and his Offensive players - the guys he has taken personal charge of - were on the same page?
    How about never.
    How many times did the self-imposed media blackout from Wilf, Childress, and the Vikings seem more like stalling than actual strategic manuevering?
    Almost all of the time.

    Now, on the last game of the season, Chili wants to play his young guys because the game is meaningless, right?

    WRONG, IDIOT!!!!!

    This game, the final game of the season, a game that holds absolutely NO play-off implications for our hapless Vikigns, means EVERYTHING.
    It means the difference between ending the season on a 3 game losing streak or ending on a positive.
    It means the difference between being a winner or being a loser.

    Now, Chili and the media lick spittles will try and sell this move as a good idea.
    After all, we get the chance to see people who would never have likely ended up on the field, we get a jump start on evaluating who we keep around next season.
    We get to evaluate our plans and schemes and take a desperate stab at finding a miracle solution.

    In other words, we get to be quiters.
    We get to throw in the towel.
    We get to hit the showers at the end of that last game KNOWING that we took the easy way out, that we don't want to win sooo badly that it hurts, that we aren't as committed to the game, the team, and the fans as we are to our pay checks.

    We get to go out as cowards.

    Spin it any way you want, point out the illusory positives in this ultimate act of cowardice as the pussification of the Vikings takes another giant leap forward.

    Or, take a long hard look at Lovie Smith down there in Chicago.
    He has NOTHING to play for.
    His team has locked up home field through out the play-offs.
    Beating up on the hapless Packers is purely an ego thing...or is it?
    Maybe Lovie saw the light last season.
    Maybe he realized that EVERYTHING is habit forming.
    If you end the season on a loss, you carry that loss with you.

    After all, you're only as good as your last game.

    If I were Zygi Wilf, and I was serious about building a Championship team, I'd take a long cold look at the way that was happening.
    Ask anyone who has played ANY sport, ANY game, or anyone who has EVER been in situations where lives hung in the one has EVER won by losing.
    That's a line that Politicians and Losers sell to suckers to excuse their own lack of conviction, their own lack of courage, their own failure.

    Sorry, Chili, in the absence of a winning season, I would have hoped that you would have at least shown some heart at the end of the season.
    That you would have least gone out with your head held high.
    That you would have had too much self-respect and respect for your players and your fans to just throw in the towel.

    I guess that's just one more bitter pill I'll have to swallow under your leadership.
    Too bad.
    I expected more from you.


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    Re: Intestinal Fortitude...who's got it?

    If you're saying Childress has no balls, I totally agree.

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    Re: Intestinal Fortitude...who's got it?

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    Re: Intestinal Fortitude...who's got it?

    "DiehardVikesFan" wrote:
    If you're saying Childress has no balls, I totally agree.
    ask his wife

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    Re: Intestinal Fortitude...who's got it?

    I hate what this man has done to my vikings. He has the biggest ego ive ever seen in a rookie HC, and yet has no passion for the game or winning. And no balls. He likes the look of 3rd and long on paper. Be safe, punt, and let the D take over. Every single god damn time. Theres a certain part of the female body that comes to mind when thinking of childress and his play calling.

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    Re: Intestinal Fortitude...who's got it?

    Wow just think this is what detroit fans go thru every year! I don,t like the the taste of it..losing Sucks! only thing worst was the les steckel
    abortion back in the 80,s

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    Re: Intestinal Fortitude...who's got it?

    I say we bring bud grant back-he woulda played, except his huge balls slowed him down. He refused to have heated seats because he thought it made his players weak and what happened-the purple people eaters.
    Wait, if there's cat food in this bag............................

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    Re: Intestinal Fortitude...who's got it?

    The way everything was called this season leads me to beleive it was nothing more than a rebuilding/evaluation phase, Childress can be gutsy, unless that Fake Field Goal Pass called in the Carolina game was called by someone else.

    Dunno what it is, but maybe he lacks confidence in what the offense can do.

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