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    Re: Interesting stat from TB game

    "mnjamie" wrote:
    "Mr Anderson" wrote:
    And if anyone gives you pooh about Caddilac Williams you say

    [size=18px]"I'LL KICK YOU IN THE NUTS"[/size]

    And say, he averaged 2.9 ypc, and only rushed for 77 yards until he broke that 71 yard TD run. So he really got shut down.

    Also tell them we picked off their terrible QB twice, and we beat ourselves on offense and there is no reason we should have lost that game.

    SKOL Vikings!

    Agreed. But if you listen to all the "Experts" on the tube, he's the next Emmit Smith I do believe I hear more that once ... lol .. the makes me laugh ........


    I seriously doubt hes the next Emmitt. If there is an Emmitt Smith in last years draft its Cedric Benson.

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    Re: Interesting stat from TB game

    The next Emmitt hum..............
    well that is what Emmitt did his whole time in Dallas.
    2,3,4,1,-2,2,4,66,1,4,2,3,35,1,5,2,3,-4 =132 yards on 18 carries
    stats look great, but as a consistant grind out the yards back, Emmitt was never that.
    I know I had to watch him play every week here in DFW.

    But it worked for the Cryboys.

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    Re: Interesting stat from TB game

    "prefernfl" wrote:
    So-Cal Vike-

    Why would Caddy's run have been bigger during the first 3 qtrs??
    Breaking a big run while an opponents D is fresh is always more impressive.

    "prefernfl" wrote:
    I have read on here that up until Caddy's TD run that the Vikes were still in the game....and they were. I don't see how his 71 yarder was any less important when he did it in the 4th qtr.
    First, you never heard that from me, and second, his run wasn't less important, just less opinion of course.

    "prefernfl" wrote:
    The rationale used here just isn't making sense. If Michael Bennett does what Caddy did and it seals a Vike win, you'd be talking totally different--guaranteed.
    As far as I was concerned, the Bucs win was already sealed, and just to be clear, I'm never impressed by a late game drive that results in a score for the team that has all but won the game.

    I give all the credit to Williams and the Bucs for tearing apart the Vikes O-Line and smacking them in the mouth. They played a better game and deserved the win. If Williams continues to show the flashes of greatness that he did during that game, the Bucs should go far.

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    Re: Interesting stat from TB game

    I dunno So-Cal...maybe you are right, but here is my rationale...

    I do not think the game was over at that point (17-13 Bucs)...if Minny stops Caddy/The Bucs on that 3rd and 1, Tampa punts the ball from their own 29....and Minny is 1 score from winning the game.

    Yes, Tampa harassed Pep the whole game and stuffed the run. But a Daunte deep pass to Burleson or Williamson in that scenario could have won it for the Vikes.

    Caddy's TD indeed sealed it, but until then, the Vikes were one big play from victory.

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    Re: Interesting stat from TB game

    I see your point and under most circumstances I'd agree with you. I just didn't see anything from the Vikes that would lead me to believe that they had one big play left.

    It's all water under the bridge though and both teams have new opponents to worry about.

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