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    Interesting picture.

    that picture makes me depressed.
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    Interesting picture.

    "LosAngelis" wrote:
    I guess I don't know.

    However, could you imagine the complaining by the Packer fans and team if they did award it? Steele said when he was unpiled that the ref said, "Let it go, 82, you've got it". So, he lets it go.

    Then, a review says the Vikings have it? After the ref told him by number he had possession? When there is really only a millisecond of game footage showing Ross with possession before the scrum landed on him?

    The refs screwed up by awarding the ball to the strongest man under the pile, and how is review going to change that?

    Just my thoughts.
    Well Go watch the play again Los, you will see that Ross secured the balll and therefore he is down Viking ball.
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    Interesting picture.

    Yep and he came out long before the ref even made the call whose ball it is.
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    Interesting picture.

    "SKOL" wrote:
    One major problem I see with replays is that the Field Judge approaches his review with the biased opinion that the officials are right. There has to be "indisputable evidence" to overturn their call. That's bogus. Why do they have to use a biased approach when reviewing a play? It's too bad they just can't review the play, and make a call based on what they see, using all the angles, slow motion, or whatever other technology they're privy to. Who care's what call was made on the field by the officials.

    This is something that the competition committee needs to seriously consider.
    I think the problem is they can't get all the refs looking at the monitor. It is the head ref that is looking at the screen. He needs to rely onthe verbal skills of the ref that made the call in question. So the guy that made the call looking at the replay might say oh I that he had his hand under the ball right there I guess he didn't. But he has to explain quickly what he saw to the head ref then the head ref goes to look for the stuff that will overturn the call.

    It is a flawed system and it always will.

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    Interesting picture.

    That's exactly what I mean Snow. They pay too much attention to what the ref that made the call saw..., who cares what he saw. Whatever he called is what's being questioned. While reviewing the play they should take a completely unbiased approach and just make a call based on what is seen during the review.

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    Interesting picture.

    MY biggest complaint with this thing is not the ref's call, but the fact that is was not reviewed. Tice couldn't have reviewed because it was in the last 2 minutes, but they should have gone upstairs. It makes absolutely no sense that you cannot challenge possesion on a fumble when

    1. The replay clearly shows possesion and
    2. The method currently used is "hey lets wait till they unpile and it has changed hands 5 times".

    The replay rule needs serious ammendments.

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    Interesting picture.

    "hovan" wrote:
    Well Go watch the play again Los, you will see that Ross secured the balll and therefore he is down Viking ball.
    I wasn't taking a side on whether he had the ball or not. I was saying they should have called it right away instead of unpiling to determine possession.

    And, had the Vikings been given possession, the Packers would have had a case against it, too. Point is, by waiting and unpiling, they set themselves up for controversy.
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    Interesting picture.

    I don't think there is a good way of working those "scrums' if you will. The refs are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I do think that Ross had the ball in possesion with a packer player on him, thus making him down by contact with possesion. But, when it comes to fumbles, uless the official blows his whistle right away when he sees a player land on the ball, then it is every man for himself and it turned out Ross wasn't as strong as the guy tugging on the ball with him!!

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