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    Interesting opening day stats

    These are from an article on

    The 1,696 players on 2004 Kickoff Weekend came from 251 schools.

    The 10 schools with the most active NFL players on Kickoff Weekend were:
    1. Miami, Fla. ( 43 )
    2. Florida State ( 39 )
    3. Notre Dame ( 38 )
    4. Tennessee ( 38 )
    5. Florida ( 36 )
    6. Georgia ( 36 )
    7. Ohio State ( 36 )
    8. Michigan ( 35 )
    9. Penn State ( 32 )
    10. LSU ( 31 )

    The most players from one school at a position are:
    Tackle: Notre Dame (five)
    Guard: Nebraska (five)
    Center: Boston College (four)
    Tight end: Michigan, Penn State and Washington (four)
    Quarterback: Michigan and Washington (five)
    Running back: Miami, Fla., Notre Dame (six)
    Wide receiver: Florida (seven)
    Defensive tackle: Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M (five)
    Defensive end: Georgia (six)
    Linebacker: Miami, Fla., Purdue, UCLA (seven)
    Cornerback: Florida State, Ohio State, USC (five)
    Safety: Virginia Tech (five)

    On Kickoff Weekend, 339 players weighed in at 300 pounds or more. Of the 339, 236 were offensive linemen. That's a lot of meat. Leonard Davis, an O-lineman for the Cardinals, was the heaviest (384 pounds).

    On average, Tennessee (6-foot-2 and 1/4) and Green Bay (6-foot-2 and 1/8 ) were the tallest teams.

    Twenty undrafted college free agents made a final 53-man roster on Sept. 5, 2004. The Vikings had the most rookies in general on their roster with 11. Eight of them were draft picks, and three were undrafted rookies. The Chargers were second with 10.

    In total, 220 rookies (drafted and undrafted) made a 53-man roster as of Sept. 5, 2004.

    Six players scored three touchdowns on Kickoff Weekend, the first time since 1970 such a feat has happened. They were: Seahawks RB Shaun Alexander, Steelers RB Jerome Bettis, Packers RB Ahman Green, Broncos RB Quentin Griffin, Chiefs RB Priest Holmes, and the only non-RB of the group, Eagles WR Terrell Owens.

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    Interesting opening day stats

    whats up michigan number 8
    so yeah eatingpieinbed some friends of mine

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