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    Interesting discussion

    Their was a interesting discussion in k-fan's forum it said the vikings should trade for T-Ho i said no way he's a cancer to our chemistry that we have and to the team, but one guy said we have the cap room others said we know but after another team not the vikings gives him a new deal he's gonna want a new deal after that.

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    Re: Interesting discussion

    You should have been here a few months ago, you would have really liked all the "what if" threads.

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    Re: Interesting discussion

    We don't need T-ho. Granted he is a great talent on the field (not as good as Moss) but I think we will be a much better offense without having a superstar WR on our team. Daunte won't have to get one guy his numbers and hopefully that will bring Daunte's INT numbers down. I think it's going to be a great year for Daunte (not that last year wasn't).

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