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    An interesting article

    A 'killer' ending will give security


    Now that Red McCombs has picked up Mike Tice's option for next season, it means financial security for Tice. Job security is another thing.

    "It still doesn't mean I'll be back,' Tice said, correctly.

    McCombs still can choose to fire Tice. It's just that if he does, he'll be on the hook for most of the $1 million Tice will receive if he coaches the Vikings next season.

    Tice can firm up his job security for 2005 and beyond by making a dent in the playoffs.

    If the Vikings go deep into the playoffs, and by deep we mean reaching the NFC championship game, McCombs would be daft not to extend Tice's contract for several more seasons.

    McCombs has a coach he likes, a coach the players like and, if the Vikings make a serious playoff run, he would have a coach other teams would like to have.

    All Tice has to do is get his players to start winning. Easier said than done.

    The Vikings have lost six of nine games and blown leads in several of them, including Friday's 34-31 loss to the Green Bay Packers. They lack what other Vikings teams have lacked over the years: killer instinct.

    Which brings us to the 1987 Vikings, a team that bears a striking resemblance to this one. No team in franchise history ever received more notoriety for lacking killer instinct. That team, coached by Jerry Burns, lost three of its last four regular-season games, including the finale on Dec. 26. The Vikings backed into the playoffs as a wild card thanks to a loss by the St. Louis Cardinals on the 27th.

    Burns did not like being told his team had backed in, and liked it even less when somebody suggested the Vikings lacked killer instinct.

    Burnsie went on about a 10-minute rage about killer instinct, at one point repeating over and over, "Killer instinct … killer instinct.'

    Those '87 Vikings had plenty of talent, particularly on offense, but couldn't get it together at the end of the regular season because, despite Burns' protestation, they truly did lack killer instinct.

    They were a lot like this year's Vikings. The talent is there, but they lack … well, you know.

    "Why don't you guys go and raise heck a little bit with Tice?' Burns said Monday. "Ask him about five times if his team lacks killer instinct and that kind of b.s. you asked me.'

    Burnsie was on to something. So, 17 years ago to the day after Burnsie was asked, the question was put to Tice: Does you team lack killer instinct?

    "I think there's some of that,' Tice said.

    There's more than some.

    "Is it killer instinct or a lack of confidence?' Tice said. "When there's a lack of confidence, you don't pull the trigger to make plays that need to be made.'

    OK, maybe there's a lack of confidence and killer instinct.

    The thing is, a team can acquire both. Quickly. After backing into the playoffs, the '87 Vikings suddenly became confident while shifting into K.I. mode. They crushed a 12-3 New Orleans team 44-10 in the first round, then beat the top-seeded San Francisco 49ers in the second round 36-24.

    In the NFC championship game against Washington, the Vikings drove to the Redskins' 6-yard line and would have forced overtime if Darrin Nelson hadn't gotten in the way of an end-zone pass intended for Anthony Carter, the star of the wins over the Saints and Niners.

    Though they lost to the Redskins, it was still an impressive playoff run after an unimpressive finish to the regular season.

    A big playoff run can happen again if these 2004 Vikings make the playoffs.

    Having been through it, Burns says once a team gets into the playoffs, it drops a lot of the baggage carried through the regular season.

    "It's a refreshing moment, and everybody regroups,' he said. "Any team that has Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss on it has a chance. Outside of Philadelphia, there's no team they'd have to fear.'

    Without Terrell Owens, Philadelphia isn't so fearsome anymore.

    "The Vikings would go in even money against anybody,' Burns said.

    And they can come out of games on top if they don't continue to lack …

    Killer instinct … killer instinct.

    Skol Vikes.
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    An interesting article

    That really was a good article.. and i agree 100% that is what we are lacking - killer instinct and confidence. Lets turn it on in the playoffs!

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    An interesting article

    We lost 6 of the last 9 games, I think the fans are numb to losing and the players have to be also.

    We really must win this weekend. Hopefully, that will happen and we can get some confidence back.

    We need to stop playing the game not to lose and play it to win.

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    An interesting article

    Great article. I agree about carrying around the baggage in the regular season. We are so concerned about making the playoffs after pissing it down our leg last year that we are playing not to lose. If we just get in the playoffs a lot of the pressure will be lifted and we will be ready to roll. We just got to get into the playoffs, and I don't care how we do it.

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    An interesting article

    Tice's comments,....."I think there's some of that,' Tice said.....
    I would have hoped tice would have been a little "Killer instinct" in his reply.


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    An interesting article

    Good article. I remember that season it was when I became a Vikings fan. That newfound "killer instinct" resulted in four sacks of Montana in the divisional games and we picked him off twice.

    I'd love nothing more than to see us do that to McNabb or Favre in the playoffs this year.
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