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    Re: Inside the NFL: Vikings not worth mention?

    "midgensa" wrote:
    "bigbadragz" wrote:
    yah but i'm sure that oh so exciting packer/eagle game got a 15 minute discussion.
    all i've heard so far since week one is can detroit or green bay challenge the bears for the division after a not so great start by the bears.
    ummmmm, excuse me, i know we didn't beat mcnown and the raiders, or beat the eagles at home cuz of special team muffs, but holding any nfl team to 3 points and scoring 2 defensive tds should at least warrant mention.

    the falcons aren't exactly the colts, but there not exactly as bad as the raiders either.
    f--- the media.
    Look the Vikes did well ... but everyone had them penned in to win this game ... it is not like it was a huge surprise. And actually ... I think many would say the Falcons are as bad as the Raiders. Atlanta very well could be picking Brian Brohm with the first pick of next year's draft.
    i wouldn't go as far as to say this was a lock win in most people's eyes.
    the only thing i heard from the media is double digit losses for us and possibly drafting brian brohm.
    you mean to tell me that the falcons were so bad the mike vick alone was carrying them to 8-8 records?

    if detroit can get credit for scoring points against a "solid D" in oakland, as the media says, then the vikes deserve credit for completely dominating a solid run offense with or without vick.

    the point is, we could beat the lions this week and people will just dismiss that as the lions not being good.
    so we will get slept on until they have no choice but to stop ignoring us.
    i like it, but i still hate hearing about other teams getting props, just aggitates me

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    Re: Inside the NFL: Vikings not worth mention?

    Yeah, I agree, it frustrates me too. On the other hand, with our defense hitting on all cylinders, the media will have to sit up and take notice. It's great to see our D changing the course of the game...

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    Re: Inside the NFL: Vikings not worth mention?

    it wasn't until 3 different coaches said, "we decided to stop butting our heads ona wall and started passing" that the media gave us any credit as a run D last year.

    expect at least 3-4 games and they will become aware of our D!!

    hopefully by then, our O wakes up


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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