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Thread: Inside the NFL

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    Inside the NFL

    Just watched this weeks episode on HBO.

    Couple of comments (not word for word):

    Cris Carter: Two big pieces are missing from that offense for Dante to be successful; Birk and Onterio Smith. He was trying to do too much. I look for Dante to get back on track and play good football the rest of the season.

    Collinsworth: (of course a Moss remark) What stood out to me is the Vikings have had a lot of false rushing yards over the last few years because of the gimmick defenses used to stop Moss; average running backs looked better than they really were. Dante has to throw to move the ball.

    PICKS for the game:

    Cris Carter - Vikings
    Collinsworth - Bengals
    Costas - Bengals
    Marino - Packers.. oops Bengals (the guy is still all over the packers in this episode)

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    Re: Inside the NFL

    Interesting and probably true way to view our offense today and in the past. Pretty true of how good an avg rb looked with decoys on moss.

    What makes this better is everyone picking the benegals to win. I think we win this week and prove everyone wrong. Rather be picked to lose to prove everyone wrong than picked to win and dissapoint many. Looks like carter will only be the right guy of the group.
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    Re: Inside the NFL

    I agree Hawaiian Vike, we need to go into this game as the "underdogs". I don't think our team was respecting that on any given sunday you can lose. It's a good thing that they learned the lesson early this year...

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