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    Inside the Helmet: Jayme Mitchell

    [size=13pt]Inside the Helmet: Jayme Mitchell[/size]


    By Mike Wobschall,

    When the Vikings acquired Jared Allen this past offseason and added the 2007 NFL sack leader to a defensive line that already included Kevin and Pat Williams, common thought suggested the main benefactor would be right defensive end Ray Edwards. So far during training camp, it’s actually been Jayme Mitchell....

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    Re: Inside the Helmet: Jayme Mitchell

    I know most of you are tired of me trying to convince you that in our base defense there is actually a difference in skill set between our RDE and LDE so I won't try, but maybe I need to send a email to the author to educate him.

    Working exclusively at right defensive end, Mitchell is responsible for rushing the passer and remaining stout against the run.
    He is correct in his priority that the RDE rushes the passer first and stops the run second, however, Jayme plays at LDE were the priority is stop the run, contain your end, and then, rush the passer out of our base 4-3 cover 2 scheme.

    6-6, 285-pound Mitchell
    I am way behind in my reading of late.
    Anyone heard how big Ray Edwards got to move to LDE?
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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