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We’re teaching the execution of the backend and the routes,” Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said. “We’re looking at the route depths from wide receivers, depths of the running backs and we’re trying to time up the play perfectly. For the quarterback, it’s about reading the coverage and progressing through the reads correctly. You should throw for a high percentage and have a lot of completions.”

During Thursday’s Organized Team Activity (OTA), the offense looked sharp in the seven-on-seven drill. Tarvaris Jackson completed nine of ten passes while Gus Frerotte and Brooks Bollinger combined to go five-for-five.
Of course we all know this stuff isn't really happening at the OTA's.
They are just doing mountain climbers and jumping jacks.
;D (More sarcasim) ;D
Where have I ever said they don't run drills?

Read again about the 7 on 7 drills. There is no pass rush allowed. Basically the center is just hiking the ball & nothing more. Yep, Birk missing a lot by not being there for that.
Yea, I guess the OL (even though the don't participate in this one) were over there on the sidelines watching soap operas with the kickers.
(I'm cracking my self up now.
They were on the line snaping the ball, but there's no pressure coming from the defensive line. They just make contact & stop.

The rest of the team stands on the sidelines & watches & wait their turn.

We really need to get you up here when training camp starts so you can see what goes on.
I know what goes on my friend.

Even thought I never made the treck home, I've been to KC, SD, Deadskin, JAX, TB all for OTA's, Camp, Pre-season games.
Additionally, I've read more books on this process than you can imagine.

Although all teams arent't he same, thier approach is pretty close.
Start slow and build towards eventual team on team to include ST's on ST's.

The later is the best to watch as they are made up of all the scrubs that are on the bubble all the time.
Most fights and very intense.

Additionally NFLN gives some pretty good coverage on things.
You been watching the KC story they filmed last year?
Takes you all the way through the process down to the 53 man roster.
Very intersting if you get a chance to catch em.
Which is why I love going to the pre-season games. Even though the games don't count. the rookies trying to make the roster are playing with a lot of intensity & giving everything they got.

Not as much excitement but I also love the preseason games.