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    Impressive and just plain sucky

    daunte besides the pick and fumble he looked good the vikes defense just sucked and so did the o-line. and WTF why wouldnt tice go deep to moss when he wanted it. onterrio sucked but alot of that can be blamed on the line. phillys Dline just rocked the vikes Oline. ellings kickoffs sucked and tice made some questionable calls. so how do we fix all the stuff? i really dont care how we just bettter and soon.
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    Impressive and just plain sucky

    I think we'll be ok! We all need to remember that philly is a good team and good teams are expected to win at home!

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    Impressive and just plain sucky

    it is over know, i am more upset with the injuries we had happen and our lack of running game, the best cure for a loss is a win and that is what we need to get
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