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Thread: I'm stupid Red!

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    Re: I'm stupid Red!

    "fred3105" wrote:
    The University of Texas business school is named after Red also.

    How appropriate...Red gave us Viking fans "the business" almost the whole time he was owner!

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    Re: I'm stupid Red!

    "enlvikeman" wrote:
    Nice job donating 30 million dollars to the Univ of Texas M.D. Anderson cancer center.

    Although the donation was well needed I can very well see through your bs and figure this to be nothing but a tax write off oppurtunity. He very well knows the government is gonna crush him with the sale of the Vikes.

    You can make a donation like this Red but can't fix a Viking ship or a air conditioner at Winter Park? 100% snake. Good God I'm glad he's gone!
    im glad that looser red is gone too he is such a cheap person for having all that money. if i had all that money i'd be sharing it. wilf said he was going to fix up the locker room and thats very generous of him to do that.
    I don t buy Wisconsin cheese.

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    Re: I'm stupid Red!

    "audioghost" wrote:
    Last time I checked cancer was a more important issue than air conditioning at Winter Park and a broken Vikings ship...

    Look, I didn't like Red as an owner either, but critisizing someone who donates money to a good cause is just wrong....
    you see this comment here is where I just don't see eye to eye with the some of the people on this site. i never would "critisize" someone for donating a large amount of money to a great cause. in my post i coulda swore i said the donation was well needed and didn't attack red for the donation. the timing is what pizzes me off. just to save some more money he donates it now as opposed to 1 2 3 years ago?

    "24 mil under the cap? there are teams 30 mil over the cap, heck that gives us at least 50 mil to spend"

    CollegeGuyJeff circa 2006

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