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    Im so sick of this..

    whatever he willllll make his presence known in Hawaii!
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    Im so sick of this..

    "hawaiianvike21" wrote:
    "shockzilla" wrote:
    "Steamed Turtle" wrote:
    You wanna know why?? Because the iggles were 13-3 and the vikings were 8-8. That's why. Same reason why the iggles had 9 pro bowl players and the redskins only had 1. BEE ESS.
    Hey Steamed Clam, why don't you do like you name and go back in your shell and CLAM THE F*CK UP YOU MORON!!!!!!!!!!! There's NO WAY that McNabb should be starting over Daunte and you KNOW IT - Oh, wait, you're a Packer fan, I guess you WOULDN'T know...
    Hey zilla, calm down man. Hes really got a point and thats the way it works with the media and all and how who starts in the game kind of thing.

    Like someone else mentioned before, cully started in last years game and barely got to play much. the backups played a lot more and i dont see why it wont happen again this year. I could see vick and culpepper playing a lot more than mcnbabb despite mcnabb starting.

    P.S. Ill be at that game, almost a 100 percent sure. Hope to see cully lead the nfc against the much stronger afc.
    All I was getting at was his stupid reasoning for McCrabb starting over Daunte.

    By the way, you are a lucky man, going to the Pro Bowl (I'd like to go - got extra tickets? :-))
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    Im so sick of this..

    Amen to that....Cully should be startin over McNabb. He led in all thsoe statistical categories, and he was the best rated passer in the NFC leading McNabb by 6 points! He also had 4700 passing yards this year, leading the NFL. Thats 200 more passing yards than even Peyton Manning! Daunte should be starting without a least K-Will got some respect.

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