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    Re: I'm a bit concerned.

    "NodakPaul wrote:
    As you can see, the team with the higher ranked defense won every year. I stand by my remark that offense sells tickets, whlie defense wins games.
    The stats dont lie, thanks for the link. I also see in those stats that none of the teams had horrible offenses, except TB. So I think there is something to be said about some kind of a balance between O and D. But they definately show that the stronger D is better.

    I still stand by my prediction 39-37 Vikes in the "big game" ops:

    "Sometimes a Football game is just a Football game ... But that almost never happens."

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    Re: I'm a bit concerned.

    "Slade" wrote:
    Imagine the Eagles from 2 years ago (minus TO). It will be the same style. Running plays, alot of screens to the RB's & playactions. Its going to be very time consuming & we will move the chains in chunks. Occasionally throwing the home run ball, but nothing like we saw in the past. Our offense has to be precise & all of the players have to be on the same page. I expect great things this year, as long as everyone stays healthy.

    Another good thing is that our gameplan is relatively unknown to the other teams in the league. This is a different Vikings team & it will be interesting to see how other teams prepare for us. They will not be sure as to what we will throw at them.

    My biggest concern is to see how Coach Childress adjusts to the flow of the game. Will he stick to the gameplan no matter what? Or will he constantly find new things to try.

    I think the Vikings receiving corp is better than the Eagles before T-Ho, my opinion.

    Troy has been the most improved player from last year that I have seen in training camp.

    Koren has had a full training camp and will be the number 1 receiver.

    Travis Taylor will be a good receiver in this system especially going across the middle.

    Much better than Philly had in 2004.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: I'm a bit concerned.

    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    "PurpleOgre" wrote: offense intended....but I feel that with some obvious exceptions (ravens, bucs), I would say that a team with a dominant offense has had a better record in the big game than those with a dominant defense.
    lol. no offense taken. :lol:

    Lets look at the past few seasons and see what holds up. I know offense and defense rankings vary slightly from site to site, so here are the ones I used:

    Pit - O rank: 14 D rank:7
    Sea - O rank: 2 D rank:14
    (Min - O rank: 25 D rank:21)

    NE - O rank: 9 D rank:9
    Phili - O rank: 8 D rank:10
    (Min - O rank: 3 D rank:29)

    NE - O rank: 15 D rank:7
    Car - O rank: 14 D rank:11
    (Min - O rank: 1 D rank:23)

    TB - O rank: 24 D rank:1
    Oak - O rank: 2 D rank:9
    (Min - O rank: 1 D rank:26)

    Average O ranking of SB winners: 15.5
    Average D ranking of SB winners: 6

    Average O ranking of SB losers: 6.5
    Average D ranking of SB losers: 11

    Min's average O ranking: 7.5 (lower because of last year)
    Min's average D ranking: 24.75

    As you can see, the team with the higher ranked defense won every year. I stand by my remark that offense sells tickets, while defense wins games. Even the big games... :wink: Minny had one of the NFL's most dominant offenses for most of the past decade, and it got us no where. I am ready to ride our defense all the way to Miami this year.
    Great post nodak and it should be NOTED YET AGAIN!

    This team has sucked on DEFENSE for TOO LONG and anyone who thought we'd actually win anything with that pathetic DEFENSE is living in PURE DENIAL! Having said that, let us all pray that this season the OFFENSE can actually hold up their end of the bargain! :sad:

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