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    Re: I'll admit, I'm a convert

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    I can't hate Chilly or Favre!

    He has given this team an education that they never would have had.
    [size=10pt]He has shown TJ what he has to be willing to do for this team or retire at a young age and don't waste our time. [/size]
    He has shown the WRs that they can be productive and that can get the football if they work hard.
    They all know how hard they have to work and that they will get rewarded for their efforts.

    BTW, I hate __________!

    We all root hard against other good players.
    Mostly because we don't want them to beat us, the Vikes.
    I don't hate BF for the times he beat us.
    I can really appreciate how good he is now that I see how he has made our team better.

    Chilly is the man of the year for getting him here in MN.

    Put down the hate and love.
    Peace Bro!
    A excellent post, as usual.

    One little point of discussion in there though........
    Do you think TJ wasn't giving his all before ole #4 got here?
    One of the things I actually like(d) about him was that it appeared he was a "First in, last out" kindof guy.

    If, BIG IF, there was any issue (Schism) with his arrival, it might have been from a few players who didn't like the difference (Percieved or not) work ethic of our current starter when it came to camp and participation.

    Marcus Whiley was talking about what players think on this topic this morning on Mike and MIke when they were talking about Allen Iverson.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: I'll admit, I'm a convert

    Hard to hate on a coach that makes you team BETTER each year

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