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    If you bench....

    if we bench Favre then we are stuck with Twack. does anyone really think he can carry this team? everytime he comes in i say " man he has it all but he is just sooo stupid". i think to myself, i wonder if he has learned anything from playing with Favre? and everytime he comes on the field he shows us why we all hate him.

    Part of me would take Farve on his worse day over Twack then the other part of me thinks he can play like he did in AZ 3 years ago. were he didnt 2nd guess himself on every throw and just threw the ball. great things happened when he did that.

    Then i ask for Joe Webb. but do i really want to see him out there? what if he cant get the job done either? then we are all out of options and what ifs

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    Re: If you bench....

    Did we really need a new thread for this? I mean there are three threads out there this could go in already.

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    Re: If you bench....

    Once again, already being discussed.

    Time to bench the 20 million dollar man

    Netiquette rules.
    Look for an existing thread on a topic prior to starting a new one.
    Breaking news or hot topics are more likely to have been covered; please add to existing thread.
    Got a unique take?
    Then by all means post a new thread.

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