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    If this Ponder thing never pans out...

    Totally hypothetical, because after the way this season has started out I'm starting to believe in this guy. I see no reason why he shouldn't lead this team, but before this season I wanted Webb.
    But it would be nice to see us utilize Webb the same way Washington uses RG3. I'm sure he isn't nearly as fast, but they just make those QB draws look so easy, and those QB option slant passes to Percy, to Rudolph, to Carlson oh man I'm drooling @.@

    I mean, everyone looks good in a highlight reel, but seriously watch these for some good times.
    TD rush against 49ers

    TD rush against Iggles, those defenders just stood there and let him run by! LOL
    Joe Webb runs for a touchdown against the Eagles - YouTube

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    Webb is not an NFl QB. There is nothing to see here, please move on.


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