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"ColoradoVike" wrote:
If only sports enthusiasts could be more dispassionate and rational and less of a 'fan'atic, then we could ditch the simple arguments about causality, the superstition, and the biases.

Evidence, sources, and an open mind are great things to bring to understanding a problem. More often than not the average fan leaves these at home and things devolve into a "because I said so and you're a loser if you don't agree" that DR mentioned (at least that's my understanding of what he said).

At the risk of coming off as an elitist, I think sports conversations tend to be pretty lowbrow. I don't mean to say that sports enthusiasts are by nature dumb. What I am saying is that many people here and elsewhere take disagreement personally and don't know how or want to have a civil conversation about what causes what. We all lose out when that happens.
You are so philosophical...is it any wonder that Alan Page is your favorite player!!! Your title should be changed to PP.O Plato! :thumbleft:
heh, well, I'll take that as a compliment. It could be the influence of the moment--I defend my dissertation on Friday and hopefully get to place a few more letters at the end of my name. I do need more vowels, though, if I'm going to spell something with those letters.