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Thread: I need to vent

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    Re: I need to vent

    I really hate these fair weather fans. They have to be one of my number one pet peeves.

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    Re: I need to vent

    A little cheese to go with your whine? :lol:

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: I need to vent

    I've seen the vikings lose plenty of times without jumping ship, just the same as anyone else here. I, like all of you, watched the vikings start 4-0 or 5-0 then piss the rest of their season down their leg. Its not like this team has been stellar the last 10 years and we have all kinds of fans here because they always win. Vikez4Lyfe, I hate it when people claim the vikings have wagon jumpers when the vikings lose. Being a vikings fan ever since i was born has been one big session of biting the bullet. I say that not to complain about the vikings performance, but to prove that vikings fans are the most dedicated in the game. Just because not everyone here is mister optimistic like some other people doesn't make them bad fans, it makes them realists.

    Snow, you are absolutely right, parties here are filled with illegal and sometimes ridiculous actions. I just feel that these people are known on a national stage and, like it or not, they are role models. I am not so naive that I think this stuff doesn't happen with some kind of frequency, however, it should be done in private. And if they can't keep it in private, they should pay the concequences.

    I also understand that its unfair to judge everyone on the team, however, the guys on that boat represent the team. That's why one TV you see headlines about the vikings, not about fred smoot, daunte culpepper, and whoever else was on that cruise.

    The media does make things much worse. HOWEVER we are the ones that got ourselves in this situation. You can't blaim the media for that

    I guess the main thing is that I am just embarrassed by them, and by associating myself with them it makes me feel embarrassed.

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