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    i miss klienssasser....

    boy this guy could block.. unselfish... a pros pro ..we are missing that presences at TE ...WE SIGNED ALLEN RIESNER THIS WEEK ...DONT REMEBER WAS HE A GOOD BLOCKING TE ...I KNOW HE WASNT ASKED TO CATCH THE BALL.

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    I think an early injury that hurt us more than folks realize last year was Rhett Ellison. He pretty much took Jimmy K's number and role as the multi blocker very often responsible for picking up the blitz/extra pass rush from FB or TE. Something we didn't seem to have an answer for last year...

    Hmm, add the return of Ellison with the emergence (use) of Cordarelle Patterson, and you've got a decent argument for why Cassell looked better than Ponder. Not saying I want to keep Ponder, just suggesting that they are both mediocre QBs.
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    I miss Kleinsasser a TON... he was my favorite Viking for many years. Bummed out that he doesn't play for the team anymore. Honestly, the day I found out he retired, my love for football died a little.

    Sounds dramatic, I know... but it's true. The dude was a beast.
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    Kleinsasser was a beast and my first vikings shirt. Hoping Zach Line can learn to block that well :-)

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    Who wasn't a fan of Sauce? Everyone should have loved his determination and his flexibility to play a multitude of positions and help the team anyway possible.

    I honestly think he should be considered for the Ring of Honor because of his time here.

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    Loved Kleinsasser…an all-time Viking great. The perfect example of a Team guy, Sauce would do whatever he was asked, and, he did it very well. Hope he is enjoying retirement!

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
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