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    Re: I just realized how good we actually are.

    "petrodemos" wrote:
    will they pick up a quality QB in the first round tho, maybe quinn or henne? is Tjack the answer? there arent even any decent veteran Qbs out there to back up Tjack if he is, the QB situation is scarce around the league. personally i would like to see them go after a WR or solidiify the right side of the line now, Hicks finally showing his true eagle washed up colors...
    The Vikings would have to be 4-12 or worse to be in a position to get Quinn.
    I'd rather not have that happen.


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    Re: I just realized how good we actually are.

    try QB brad isnt going to be playing for more than another 2 years tops
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    Re: I just realized how good we actually are.

    Just because we have no holes, doesn't mean we are that great.
    A team with all average players and no holes is just an average team...

    Positions we need:
    QB- still very early to annoint jackson as the next starter.
    FB- Richardson is nearing the end
    WR- besides williamson (who is still learning), who else is starter quality/
    TE- yes wiggins is solid, but he doesn't scare any defesne
    DT- pat williams is also nearing the end
    LB- I'm still not sold on harris and henderson as being starter quality
    CB- Won't add to much more to the smoot debate
    S- Shaper is getting older, and I don't think Smith is that great (notice his great job of not letting anyone behind him on the winning td on sunday?)
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    Re: I just realized how good we actually are.

    I think we may need to get someone to shore up the right side of our O line. we could use a WR & LB though. We'll see how Greenway does when he returns next year. As for now, we have been trying out some WR's like Darious Watts.

    - Also, Henson has been signed by the Vikes to the practice squad

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    Re: I just realized how good we actually are.

    we have blue tank williams etc for saftey

    i'd say our needs go in this order TE, WR, FB, CD, DT, LB, QB, S


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    Re: I just realized how good we actually are.

    Since when is a tight end that important. If you're open when you're supposed to be, and catch 70 balls a year like Wiggins, you're a very good tight end. Tight ends aren't supposed to scare defenses, they're not supposed to be playmakers, not everyone is Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, Vernon Davis, or Jeremy Shockey. Those 4 account for 1/8 of teams in the league, and The Chiefs are bad, the Niners are bad, the Giants are... I don't know, but not good, they've been seriously underperforming. There are no "scary" Tight ends this year either, no Vernon Davis to pick, there is the guy Olsen from Miami, and some huge guy on Oregon or Oregon State I forget which, he's like 6'8 but I don't remember his name, so I wouldn't waste a pick on one.

    Either way, IMO, the best TE in the league right now is Jason Witten, he's big and strong, and he can block. Tight Ends are supposed to block, and take hits in the middle of the field so delicate wide receivers don't have to ie, Mark Bavaro. oh yeah, don't forget about Jimmy Kleinsasser.

    I honestly don't think we need a corner that desperately, don't forget about Dovonte Edwards, Cedric Griffin will develop into a solid corner as well. And I am not counting out Smoot yet like many of you have, just two years ago he was praised as being one of the leagues best shut down corners, and this season is still young. Smoot has also made half the tackles he made last year already. He says he's improved his game, but he says a lot of things he doesn't back up, but in all seriousness, I think he should be back to normal this season, so we don't need a CB.

    I think Fat Pat has a couple good years left, so does BJ, and they both believe it as well.

    Our linebackers have played great this year, against what are supposed to be very good running teams. They've applied more pressure than they did all of last year.

    Tarvaris Jackson showed incredible touch, and great arm strength in the preseason, but made a few rookie mistakes, but, he's a rookie so he should have. I honestly believe he'll be starting for the Vikings in 2008.

    I say we take a big strong wide receiver who will make plays in the red zone, like Johnson, Samardzija, or Jarrett.

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