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    I hope Red sells..

    before Free Agency starts! If he were to sell, would he most likely do it before then, does he have to??

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    I hope Red sells..

    Guess he can sell whenever he wants to. After approval by the owners.

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    I hope Red sells..

    Yeah, he can sell whenever. I just had a horrible image this morning of it all though. I imagined that he totally dismantled the team, then sold it. I know it wont happen, but it scared me, lol.

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    I hope Red sells..

    This is the perfect time to sell if he really wants to. Free agency is coming up, the draft, and resigning players under contract. If Red sells now, he will not be accountable for the money spent. If ever there was a time to sell, it is in the next month. The new owner will have time to put together a management team, look for possible new coaches, (I said possible new coaches) and jump into the free agency market head first.

    Lets hope Red wants out and is will to negotiate a little.


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    I hope Red sells..

    Do you think we would get more or less FAs if we had a change in ownership? I have mixed feelings on it just because I don't know if FAs would want to come to the vikes if things are going to be changing a whole lot. I don't know, what do you guys and gals think?

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