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Thread: I Have A Theory

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    I Have A Theory

    This thread kind of parallels other threads in a way but with one major caveat. I have a theory as to why this team has looked like garbage through the preseason into first game. Granted its not the only reason but I think it plays a big part. We've already talked about it to a certain extent but I'm taking it a bit deeper. Here it is.

    What do the following have in common:?

    Leslie Frazier
    Allan Williams
    Bill Musgrave
    Christian Ponder

    Answer: passiveness and stoic in personality type

    This is a fact and cannot be disputed.
    So what's the problem with that you ask, it's spreading!

    They might be different people off the field so I can't speak to that but on the field that's exactly what they are. They all have the look of the Easter Island Moai monoliths.

    Allow me to expand.

    Jared Allen: used to have a nasty side to him and last year seemed to have lost it. Yes I know he was hurt so not taking that from him. I forget which game it was but he was getting manhandled the whole game and he got bloodied by a hand under the mask on a play if I recall correctly. I think it was the very next play he was pissed off and he got a sack. You could just see he was pissed and fired up. Coincidence? Maybe but I doubt it. Where is that steely fire? It appears to be missing.

    Matt Kalil: throughout preseason and into this game he has looked disinterested and bored. His play seems to reflect this. What happened to that fire of last year? All of the sudden he can't be dominant? I don't think so. The passiveness cancer is spreading.

    We had one guy on our roster that was a lightning bolt of aggressive energy and he's gone this year. Yep, Percy Harvin. I don't agree with how he showed it at times especially with the head coach, but he had steel and people react to that.

    I've seen exactly two people on this team get fired up and try to motivate players between all of the preseason and the Lions game. Mike Priefer and Matt Cassell. That's it. I've seen nobody else get fired up and lay into players trying to motivate them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Matt is the answer at quarterback as I don't think he is. I'm just saying from a psychological standpoint I think he's needed right now. I watched him walk down the bench and slap guys on the pads trying to boost the energy level. That is a good sign. Ponder? He's either moping sitting on the bench or playing grab ass with somebody all smiles. Either way from a leadership standpoint, unacceptable. He's not leader material and the team knows it.

    We have been sliding into a apathetic malaise for some time and its getting worse. There are far too many people in the leadership and coaching billets with the same passive personality. I'm afraid this team needs the psychological equivalent of a slap across the face.

    I don't speak from a position of ignorance. I was a sergeant in the corps and I know some things about leading men. At one point I was in charge of 41 of them. I can tell you this, motivation is contagious and so is a lack there of. I've seen it and lived it first hand. One can make the argument that the military is different because you have no choice, which is true but the psychological precepts are the same. The human mind works the same. I've seen men so pumped up you could virtually smell adrenaline, and I've seen men so distraught you could be blind and see its effects.

    I have witnessed many times what can happen when guys start to slip into a malaise. It's not good as it eventually will bring them all down. I've also seen what the fire from one guy can do to an entire platoon. It's actually quite fascinating looking back on it.

    This team has no fire in the leadership positions. If it was up to me I would start Cassell and make Mike Priefer the interim head coach if this quagmire continues, because its going to quickly turn into a death spiral.

    Christian is not a leader and has no business leading this team. That's a fact. You can see it in his eyes, he's timid and he is unsure of himself.

    The best thing Leslie could do is walk over to Ponder when we're losing and Ponder is sitting on the bench moping and slap the damn Gatorade out of his hands. He wouldn't even need to say anything, just observe how Ponder reacts from the shock. I suspect he would not pass the test.

    That's my theory and what I see mixed with experience. Take it for what it's worth.
    I bet you could use a cool one huh Clark...Now you're talkin Eddie...

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    I will add one more person who fits your profile- The owner.

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    Part of that goes to the type of guys they aim to bring in... "high character guys"

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    I Have A Theory

    Wow you hit the nail on the pride easy come easy go


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