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    I hate Street and his friend Scott Smith

    I dont know if you guys have the habit of buying football preview magazines, but its one thing I use to get psyched for the coming season. Usually I wait until preseason starts, but I got stuck in an airport for 4 hours on saturday so I decided to pick up "Street and Smith's Pro Football Magazine: 2005 Yearbook."

    I liked it at first, interesting article on dynasties, interesting usfl article, interesting article on the draft, they even had a bunch of career and season record lists, which was cool.

    When I got to the individual team previews though I was infuriated. I cannot express this all in one post. Problem #1 is their ratings. I absolutely disagreed with them.

    Vikings: 80
    Jets: 88?
    Bills: 84?
    Bengals 84? (This is the same rating they gave the Ravens)
    Jags: 85?
    Chiefs: 86?
    Raiders: 81?

    They obviously favored the AFC, but still this is ridiculous
    Giants: 86 (I almost lit it on fire when I first saw this)
    Saints: 79?
    Seahawks: 80? (but rams: 79, even though they beat the hawks 3 times)
    Cardinals: 79

    OK now all this almost makes sense (except for the giants) Except for the fact they gave the Vikings no credit for it playoff win last year or their success in FA.
    There are more problems to come, but I wanted to see if I'm the only one who feels this way.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
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    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: I hate Street and his friend Scott Smith

    I don't pay attention to shitty reporters like them

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    Re: I hate Street and his friend Scott Smith

    That's nothing. I just picked up the Athlon Sports Football preview (I'll get Street and Smith's later,) here are their predictions:

    AFC East: Patriots[Jets-wild]--- AFC South:Colts
    AFC North: Ravens[Steelers-wild]--- AFC west: Chargers[Raiders-last]

    NFC east: Eagles--- NFC south: Falcons[Panthers-wild]
    NFC north: Vikings[Packers-wild]--- NFC west: Seahawks

    AFC Champ: Ravens over Patriots
    NFC Champ: Eagles over Falcons

    Superbowl: Ravens over Eagles.

    To my knowledge this publication has yet to make a correct prediction in the Superbowl. Based on these predictions, you can see why.

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    Re: I hate Street and his friend Scott Smith

    Those mags are a waste of $$$ buy em' and they're all like 5 dollaz at the cheapest! It's robbery for a P.O.V. that is just horrid....


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    Re: I hate Street and his friend Scott Smith

    THe magazine is fun to read and remember for a season if you collect them and save them. Just dont pay attention to their retarded predictions.

    Actually one of the magazines nailed it straight on the head last year with the patriots over the eagles in the superbowl. Cant remember if it was street and smith, athlon, sporting news, etc.

    I collect them and look back at them years from now to see what our team was and who was good, bad, etc.
    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

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