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He must of thought he was going to get PAID for that number 4 jersey
haha probably!!

I bet the mo-tards that bought Favray viking jerseys are pissed! hahaha
Probably not.
They are probably worth more now... ;D
+1 when he enters the hall of fame, I will bust it out and make double that. Maybe even more.
ugh, I'll give you $5 dollars to burn it now, we don't need a constant reminder of this ugly chapter of Vikings history.
Plus it's not real so I doubt it will be worth much, if were really reebok then it might be.
They are really Reebok.
You should read the MinnPost article that Singer posted in the Favre "fake" jersey thread.

Here's the link:
http://www.minnpost.com/stories/2009/07/28/10515/shanghai_shopping_mall_offers_a_minnesota_surprise _16_brett_favre_vikings_jersey


Very interesting. How did I miss that one. Thanks.