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Thread: I am thrilled.

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    I am thrilled.

    I understand guys.We are on a big time roll. We Still need to win some games. But what I have been seeing the last couple of weeks is pretty dam good.I have some examples.Look at Eagles/ Giants game yeaterday. Burress, who is suposed to be on a gimpy ankle or something, went Wild vs a Eagles secondary that is one of the best in the league.Why didnt he run wild vs our secondary, this was w/o Winfield.This tells me the D has found some type of rythm.That fake blitz/drop back into coverage scheme that Frazier has been doing with Leber.henderson, and Greeenway is causing ALOT of confusion for the opposition.The pass rush has been relentless, causing forced throws into coverages.I really believe this team could go into Qwest Stadium or that dam building that shoots those dam cannons off when The Bucs get into the redzone and get a win. Seatle or Tampa bay hasnt seen a rush the Vikes can unleash. For the Pack, what if we meet them and thier is Wind and snow n GB, their main weapon is gone and i am still not impressed with their running , so then What!And remember agaist Dallas, We had them on the ropes when Kevin Williams ran that fuble back for a Td that would have put us n ggod position to win that gm. I think it could be done and will b. tell me what u think guys.

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    Re: I am thrilled.

    And Kevin Williams jus might be the best DT in FOOTBALL, with Pat a close second!!!!!!!

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    Re: I am thrilled.

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