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    Re: I am probably the only one who thinks we will lose on Su

    "MossWilliamsHenderson" wrote:
    "pudgesoprano" wrote:
    "MossWilliamsHenderson" wrote:
    I think we will lose on Sunday with a score of:


    If we do lose to them, look on the bright side, at least they're not the Giants but if we do win, it's all good but getting the Giants after the Titans, I want REVENGE!!!! :angryfire:

    hey did you say the were going lose to the saints too.
    No, I said that we would win in overtime


    in overtime
    I believe that the score of the Saints game was 38-31. No overtime. What game were you watching?

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    I am probably the only one who thinks we will lose on Sunday

    That was his prediction for last week not what the score actually was.

    He was close.

    We underestimate the Titans we lose. Plain and simple folks. You can call it closet Packer Fan, you can call it pessimistic but it is a reality. It all depends on how we come to play on Sunday. We have lost to bad teams in the past. And despite injuries and a lack of teamwork the Titans are a team that can put up some points fast. Especially on a young D.

    I personally think we will win, but it will be a hard fought game.

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    I am probably the only one who thinks we will lose on Sunday

    Why is it if you think the vikes will have a tough game or "gasp" possibly lose you are a closet vikings fan!! I think people just try to be realistic.

    Like somebody else said, I would love for the vikes to have a cakewalk through the rest of the season and whoop up on the AFC in the big bowl, but the odds of them running the table is slim to none!! I think we have a good shot at beating the Titans. I think playing indoors at home will really help us! I don't really care how good the Titans D is, we will be able to put up our numbers and run the ball against them. I'm not in to predicting scores (because like predicting games, I am very rarely right) but I think we should be able to pull this one off!! We just have too many offensive weapons and McNair is bound for a couple of turnovers!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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