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Thread: I am excited

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    I am excited

    The Vikes are on television tonight so I get to actually watch them instead of just listen. I can hardly wait. I need to wash my purple pride sweatshirt.



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    I am excited

    I'm exited for you dude, i used to have to do without Suday Ticket and only got to see a few of the games. I'm spoiled now with ST.

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    I am excited

    Hey I hear that, unfortunately at school ESPN is down and so now I will be left watching again today ale: I will still be rooting as hard as ever, and I will be waiting for Monday night with the Colts to watch the Vikes again... go Vikes!!!

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    I am excited

    Been waiting all week too!!
    I hate when I don't get the game here, have to wait to get the highlites...that pi$$es me off, they always show the Vikes briefly or just a couple of highlites and spend most of the time talking about the Eagles, McNabb or some team that nobody gives a rats azz about.
    Even on FSN Minnesota sports last week, they only discussed the Cardinals baseball series...WTF

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