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Thread: Hutch Jersey?

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    Hutch Jersey?

    I went on to today and found that they don't have a Steve Hutchinson Jersey for sale yet?!? Can anyone tell me where they do sell them or when will get them??

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    Re: Hutch Jersey?

    According to, Chris Liwenski now wears number 67.( he use to wear number 76)

    So I guess Steve Hutchinson will be able to keep his number.

    Just be a little patient, I'm sure they'll have Hutchinson jerseys for sale, soon.
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    Re: Hutch Jersey?

    I know but it's driving me crazy!!!!!!! LOL

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    Re: Hutch Jersey?

    just get a personalized one from

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    Re: Hutch Jersey?

    Hutch bought Lewinski's number off of him & it took him awhile to talk Chris into giving it up.

    That is why there is a delay in his jerseys. You'll just have to wait like everyone else.

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