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    How's the season gonna go?

    I am so ma d SI said we will go 6-10 behind the lions what a bunch of BS.
    I say 6-10 with a division title. I really think we will beat washington and that will prove we are worthy.

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    Re: How's the season gonna go?

    Washington will be a nice win, but I think the only way we will be looked at as legit is by beating Carolina or New England, both would be nice too.

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    Re: How's the season gonna go?

    Isn't there already an existing Vikings prediction thread?

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    Re: How's the season gonna go?

    Dont get mad, be happy. This is a perfect chance to show those SI guys they don't know as much as they think they do. It's a good oppurtunity.
    Trying to bring rationale to an irrational site

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