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    How will Bennett do in his first game?

    "UTVikfan" wrote:
    Our line isn't opening holes like it used to? Imagine that missing our starting right tackle, and the best blocking TE in the league. Oh yeah, and just our Pro Bowl center. Our #2 Running back was out, and our #3 is good, but still not our #1. No, our run game isn't what is should be. If Dorsey can take a crash course, and our rookie TE's can pick up some slack, we will still be able to run. Having Bennett back is wonderful, a threat like that in the backfield changes how defenses can....well, hmm, SHOULD play us. Bennett back will improve both the pass and the run. Because they HAVE to account for him, almost like he was Randy, and they have only so many people for that.

    Yes, but with bennett back, we are still are pass first offense. Bennett isn't gonna get 25 carries in a game, probably not even 20 carries. We will still rely on the pass, and take some long runs here and there. Like you said, without rosenthol, jimmy and birk, our O-line is better suited for pass blocking anyways. Even with bennett back, I don't see our running attack being better. It will be more explosive, with some long TD runs, which are nice, but we will still get it done through the air this year.

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    How will Bennett do in his first game?

    If Houston goes to a cover 2 package we should see Bennet with some big plays if he and Culpepper are on the same page as Smith and Culpepper were, with Bennets speed it could easily lead to a couple of td's.
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    Re: How will Bennett do in his first game?

    "RandyMoss8404" wrote:
    I -personally- have never seen Bennett play amazingly, but that's because I missed most of his Pro Bowl season. So what are you expecting out of him for his first game?
    He is amazingly good at sitting on the bench. Being on the field for the game counts more than any amount of old stats one has on their record. They won't play him hard, and I suspect he won't mind. A td or 2 would redeem him alot in my book.

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