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    Quote Originally Posted by kingpin9995 View Post
    Then add in some 3-4 with Floyd, Guion, and Evans down, and Robison and Griffin at end linebacker. And yes this team needs a stud linebacker that can make some splash plays. Athletic, a big hitter and can cover some ground.
    I don't mean to pick on your post but that is a horrible 30 front. Floyd isn't suited to be a five tech in a 30 front, Guion doesn't have the a$$ or power or athleticism to be a NT in a 30 front. And Evans is not talented enough to play a 5 tech in a 30 front, we will have our butts handed to us if we use that front in a 3-4 scheme. As I said in another thread if we go to a 3-4 I would trade Floyd and start over on the dline!!

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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    The team hired former Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray to be their defensive backs coach on Wednesday, ending the tenure of secondary coach Joe Woods, who had been with the team since the Childress era.

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    how vikings can fix defense

    Good our DB ain't been shit since his hire this is another good sign and also like tha replacement Jerry Gary

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