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    On the Fanspeak mock draft ... I have done about 1,000 drafts and I think it is VERY possible to get as many as 4, maybe even five starters from this draft.

    If things fall our way ... in the first we will get a starter at either QB/WR/LB ... in the second we could easily get a starter at QB (if Carr)/CB (Roby, Verrett, Fuller)/LB (Borland, Shazier)/DT(Jernigan, Donald, Hageman) and many of those guys could ALSO be around in the the third where we have TWO picks.

    IF Mettenberger or McCarron or Garropolo convince us they can start, then we can nab a starting QB as late as our second third rounder.

    It is very possible for us to find starter material throughout the first five rounds of this draft at QB, WR, ILB, OLB, DT, CB and S with an outside shot for an upgrade at G.

    If the draft bounces friendly ... or we trade back in the first round to grab Carr there and get some more picks in the top 4 rounds ... we could find ourselves 4 or 5 starters and be young, hungry and FINALLY well coached all at the same time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by purpleblood32 View Post
    trade value for 8th pick is 1400 points ..we would get a late fist and an additional two picks either two 3s or a combination 2 and 3 to equal 1400 points ...not two first rounders
    I figured that wasn't very clear. Here is a better way of saying it:

    #8 traded for Late 1st round +that team's 2nd round pick **(+3rd round 49ers deal)
    #8 in second round traded for that team's late second round pick+ their 3rd round pick
    giving us:
    1st- 1 late round pick
    2nd- 2 late round picks
    3rd- #8 +2 late round picks **(#8+THREE late round picks)
    ~~all this means 6 or even 7 picks in the top 96; I've heard from multiple sources the top 100 in this draft are potentially ALL eventual starters, though that is extremely optimistic.~~

    **On a side note, I saw a trade idea with the 49ers where our #8 would give us the 49ers #30 in the first, their #30 in the second + one of their 3rd round picks. If we could pull THAT off, it would mean FOUR 3rd round picks.
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