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    Re: How Many Jerseys Do You Own?

    "Prophet" wrote:
    "WaywardHoosier" wrote:
    I was at a franchise place in the mall and they were selling a retro Fran Tarkenton jersey for $200!

    How many average fas have that much disposable income? Maybe I'm the clueless one.
    Yeah, that's a lot of coin, but it appears to be a reasonable deal to me.
    ??? I paid much less than that for my autographed authentic throwback Tarkenton.

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    Re: How Many Jerseys Do You Own?

    i currently own two and those players arent with the team any more....i have a moss and culpepper jersey.I would get a new one but
    its very hard to find a viking jersey in sarasota florida,and i cant oreder online cuz i dont have a credit card yet
    :-[ I think ill get a phat pat or winfield jersey eventually though ;D

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