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    Re: How Long Do You Think A.P. Will Wear Purple?

    His current contract is a VERY fair one for a No. 7 pick in the draft ... and I do not think we will see a holdout before next season. I would expect a little bit of restructuring in the future, but due to all the "hoops" that he is clearly on base to attain regularly ... he will make a lot of money. I think if there is a holdout it is likely shaping up to be after his second season.
    Bottom line ... he is one of the special ones. Moss would have been a lifetime Vike if he had half the attitude of All Day. So would C-Pep ... they didn't. We let them go for reasons other than money and talent. Those reasons do not exist here. He will be a Vike for the rest of his career.

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    Re: How Long Do You Think A.P. Will Wear Purple?

    I agree with you on his attitude, but Im pretty sure he was pissed about being the 7th pick, he understood why but that doesnt mean he liked it...He has always thought, he was top dog when it comes to being on a football field...and when the NFL was second guessing him, I think it took him back a bit...I really think he came in wanting to show the world what everyone else missed

    One thing I know is He's not used to losing and he doesnt like it at all

    If he tries to get a better contract I wouldnt blame him...and you know how agents are

    They say R Bush is getting 51.5 mil and 26.5 up adrian as good as bush?

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    Re: How Long Do You Think A.P. Will Wear Purple?

    "jdvike" wrote:
    "hx38596" wrote:
    "SKOL" wrote:
    "hx38596" wrote:

    I'll say this, (and ESPN PTI commented on it) that he will hold out next year for renegotiating his contract.
    Look at how many RB's get paid more than him.
    With the way RB's get treated at that second contract time (after that 3-5 year pull), no doubt he will hold out next year.
    His agent would be stupid not to... He wasn't really all that happy with the original one.
    After that, i bet he'll stay purple for awhile.

    5 year 17 million.
    40.5 IF he jumps through a bunch of hoops.
    Everyone here agrees he deserves more, especially with room in the cap.
    I say he should hold out...
    but it will be tough going negotiating with Z-man.
    I believe he's already jumped through some of the very attainable hoops to trigger rather significant bonus clauses.
    For instance, by rushing for more than 701 yards he received a bonus of $2.5 million.
    That 2.5 is tacked on to his LAST year... 2012.
    That's the point when he might earn as much as 12 or so.
    The vikings will then renegotiate an extention to help out with cap room.
    He deserved a better deal, and i bet he holds out.
    Do you even know his actual contract numbers, or are you just spouting B.S. like you always do?
    I don't think there are that many RB's getting paid more than A.D.
    Halfway through his rookie season, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is piling up the yards and the cash.

    Peterson, who already has guaranteed himself a one-time, $2.45 million bonus by surpassing 701 yards rushing, is halfway to another sizable incentive. He can add $2.5 million to his $2.695 million base salary for 2010 by topping 1,000 yards in two of his first three seasons.

    If he tops 1,300 yards once, he adds $1 million to his fifth-year salary, scheduled to be $3.94 million. If he tops 1,300 yards twice, $3 million would be added to his fifth-year salary.

    Reaching 2,000 yards or scoring 20 touchdowns in a single season would add $1 million for each instance to his 2011 base salary. Interestingly, if Peterson remains at this torrid pace, his 2011 pay could top $8 million, a threshold that could compel the Vikings to negotiate an extension.

    He also could earn $250,000 bonuses for rookie of the year, league most valuable player and Super Bowl MVP.

    Peterson would have to win every accolade, rush for 2,000 yards and score 20 touchdowns to earn $40.5 million over the next five seasons. More realistically, Peterson, who was guaranteed $17 million, could earn up to $30 million

    [size=13pt]Minnesota Vikings rookie Adrian Peterson is earning more than yards[/size]

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: How Long Do You Think A.P. Will Wear Purple?

    so what thats saying is he could realistically earn 30 mil over next 5 years if he runs like he is....sounds like Reggie Bush got the better money deal....While AD is the real deal

    From what I could see on the internet AD is getting second tier type money below E.James Duece McCallister

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    Re: How Long Do You Think A.P. Will Wear Purple?

    Adrian is a man of great caracter. He will retire a Viking, and the Wilf's will see to it.

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    Re: How Long Do You Think A.P. Will Wear Purple?

    When it comes to money, contracts, and athletes these days I am a pessimist.
    If we are not headed in the right direction (wins) then he will go.

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    Re: How Long Do You Think A.P. Will Wear Purple?

    "Frostbite" wrote:
    Just currious with the Cap restrictions and the way players seem to have no loyalties anymore....except to the almighty many seasons can we expect to keep Adrian Peterson in Minnesota. With our recent past history of losing tallent (One way or another) I am hoping this time will be different and we can lock A.P up for several years.

    Any Thoughts??

    "Recent past history of losing tallent(sic)"?

    You mean losing EJ Henderson?
    Oh, wait, he was signed to an extension.
    How about Pat Williams...wait...another extension.
    Kevin Williams....extended.
    Bryant McKinnie....extended.

    All of that within the last year.

    The Vikings are willing to spend money to retain key talent.
    I don't see AD ever wearing another jersey but #28 for the Minnesota Vikings.


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Re: How Long Do You Think A.P. Will Wear Purple?

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    When it comes to money, contracts, and athletes these days I am a pessimist.
    If we are not headed in the right direction (wins) then he will go.

    Right On The Money (Excuse the Pun) Ultraviking. This worries me too.

    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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    Re: How Long Do You Think A.P. Will Wear Purple?

    Childress will release him at the end of the season, and Marrdo will defend his decision with vigor.

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    Re: How Long Do You Think A.P. Will Wear Purple?

    "soonerbornNbred" wrote:
    10 to 1 says because of all the "hes injury prone BS" he didnt get the deal he shouldve,He should get paid whatever the market will allow, I hope hes making a lil change on thoseTshirts even.... He has said hes not fond of maybe enuff for a offseason abode in the bahamas
    The contract that he got was based on what the number 7 pick got last year, and what the NFL alloted to the Vikings in their 'Rookie pool' of available money for draft picks. If his contract doesn't compare to Reggie Bush's, that's not because Wilf is a hard negotiator or because the Vikings are tight with their cash. It's because Reggie was the #2 pick, and there's a lot of money that goes with that 5 pick difference.

    The Vikings have never be hesitant to resign/restructure with guys that they wanted to keep. Hell, it's those resignings that gives Rob B. the flexibility he needs to massage the cap so that we're always among the teams with the most cap space available. He's a genius with 'incentives likely to be attained', but he needs contracts to write those incentives in to. AD seems like a professional, and a high quality guy, and if he has any issues with his contract, I'm sure that they will be handled behind closed doors, and we won't hear anything about it until something is signed that has to be reported to the league office.

    Jeez. The guy's 8 games into his carreer, and already people are trying to get us pissed off at the team for mishandling him. Whatever issues we all have with the coaching staff, I've got no problem with the guys the negotiate and write those contracts.

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