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    Re: How do you prevent the Dome from going "away" ?

    "singersp" wrote:
    "StillPurple" wrote:
    The Packers are one team that "travels well", unfortunately.

    I heard that during the Packers - Dallas game, in Dallas. Dallas actually had to audible when on offense, just to hear their own calls (!). In THEIR house !
    There seems to be a lot of Packer fans in that area of the states. I've always surmised that the majority of them were bandwagoners. I remember in the early 90's how there were so damn many peole hopping on the Dallas "America's Team" Cowboys bandwagon because they were wining. (That was the team Mike Lynn helped build).

    After their dynasty died out, I believe many of those same bandwagoners jumped off that wagon & hitched a ride on the Packers bandwagon.
    I wonder how many different team jerseys or apparal you would see in a bandwagoner's closet.

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    Re: How do you prevent the Dome from going "away" ?

    As far as Packer fans at the dome are concerned, I still feel there are quite a few living in MN. Before the Vikings became a franchise, many Minnesotan's where Packer fan or Bears fans.

    They raised their kids to be Packer fans & instilled the disease in them & they may have instilled it into their children.

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