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    How About Elling??

    "ted nugent called. he wants his shirt back."-george clooney, ocean s eleven

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    How About Elling??

    Ben Stoterau(80)

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    How About Elling??

    Darold "PaPa" Gustafson 1927-2004, Carol Gustafson 1935-2005, U guys are back together in Heaven, We Miss u!!

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    How About Elling??

    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    How About Elling??

    Wow, a very positive win to say the least, but give a hand to our rookie kicker!!

    P.S. I hope Driver is ok, a rivalry is one thing but an injury is something different. I hope he is ok. Ferguson can be hurt thats ok, it is not serious, an ankle and shoulder, but to have a neck injury is scary with life effecting dangers, i hope he is ok.
    Sometimes I like to think there is more to life than being you know. . . really really good looking.
    -Derrick Zoolander

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