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    Re: horrible scenerio

    what if... what if... what if... what... oh nevermind.

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    Re: horrible scenerio

    "BBQ Platypus" wrote:
    What if your aunt had balls? Why, then she'd be your uncle! That poses some pretty interesting philosophical questions. Hmm...:scratch:
    Thats not funny had a friend who aunt really had balls, wait a second that is freaky funny!!!!

    Go Vikes!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: horrible scenerio

    What if Demetrius Underwood was sane? What if Hershel Walker tore up the field? What if Onterrio Smith was really smoking a candy cigarette? What if Mike Tice had a brain? What if Carl Eller could go back in time and play today? What if Chuck Foreman wasn't a coke-head? ...

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    Re: horrible scenerio

    If IF was a fifth, we'd all be drunk...
    and if IF was a spliff, we'd all be stoned! Especially Vikez4Lyfe!

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