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Thread: Hope he's wrong

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    Del Rio Guest

    Hope he's wrong

    Q: Is there much difference between how they're playing now and how they were playing the first time you played?

    A: No, they're the same. They're still attacking. They're still doing what they normally do. It might be a different game when they play us since we beat them the first time. When they come out this time knowing they're at home, they might come out a little juiced up, so we'll have to wait and see, but as far as film, everything still looks the same.

    This is Walkers response to a question asked in regards to the Vikings Secondary and if they are different then the first time they met this year.

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    Hope he's wrong

    well del rio, that bodes well for the Vikes D i would think. he didnt explode for 175 and 3td's so sounds good to me. if 29 hadnt jumped a little early on his one td, his stats wouldnt even lookd as good as they did.


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    Del Rio Guest

    Hope he's wrong


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    Hope he's wrong

    I hope he's wrong too. but our defense is worse than the packers in my opinion...or do I just feel that way because its so painful to watch them...

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