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    Re:Be Honest... Have you...

    NodakPaul wrote:
    I made hotel reservations for the divisional game before we locked up the division.

    I am looking into reservations for the NFC Championship game now. I have already scouted out travel plans for Miami.

    Right now I am riding high on the Vikings wave. I am enjoying every moment of it, and refusing to start preparing myself for any kind of let down. This IS the year we are going to make it, and I refuse to let any kind of guarded emotions bring me down from this high. There are a too many people IMHO who are looking for a letdown. Yeah, if we win they will be pleasently surprised, but you wont truely get to enjoy the emotional ride that the rest of us are.

    Will I be devestated if we lose? Absolutely. But that is what makes it fun. Think of it this way - in order to really enjoy a thrill ride, you need to be a little scared that you don't know what is going to happen...

    I am LOVING life as a Vikings fan right now, and I am ABSOLUTELY expecting us to be playing in Miami come Feb 7th.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Re:Be Honest... Have you...

    Realistically, I do not expect us to win the Superbowl. I never set expectations that high because it's foolish to do so. There is far too much let down if you that. HOWEVER, I do have HOPES that we will win the big one! We're fully capable of it, but I don't expect it.

    Hope for the best, expect the worst = less disappointment.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

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    Re:Be Honest... Have you...

    Like NoDak Paul, I am an eternal optimist. I believe every game is going to be a victory. I can accept a loss, if we are fighting all the way and never say die. Even the 1999 NFC loss to the Falcons was more of a stunner than a painful reminder of how vunlerable we can be. The one that HURT, that left me hanging my head was the 41-0 to the Giants. I felt humiliated in that one. It was like watching a game of keep away when adults are teasing a kid. As long as we keep it close, I can accept a loss, but a blow out will bread your heart.

    This year, I expect play off wins!

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    Re:Be Honest... Have you...


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    Re:Be Honest... Have you...

    shockzilla wrote:
    Great idea for a thread, btw...

    I personally have been a fan of the Purple since the early 1970's, so I've been through ALL the ups and downs with this team. 1998 was the worst for me, because I KNOW we were better than the Falcons, and better than Denver too. That being said, I know the Vikings' history of disappointing their fans. And before the 3 losses out of our last 4 games, I was ready to say this was a team of destiny. Now, not so sure. HOWEVER, I am a DIE HARD, in other words cut me and I bleed purple. I am ready for anything this team is ready to give. And when we DO finally win the Big One, I'll be the first one dancing in the streets!

    This is me to a tee. Been watching since the Joe Kapp days and the play-off losses are almost.........almost, as bad as the superbowl. At least when we went to the superbowl you had the week or two of joy, with all the hype, before your guts were ripped out.

    I also have to add in the Drew Pearson push off right up there with the '98 loss. There agian we were the baddest MoFo's in the NFL and got royally phucked.
    I've been a Viking fan since I was just out of diapers, hopefully we get Super Bowl win before I go back in 'em.

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    Re:Be Honest... Have you...

    I'm all in.
    A Viking fan for 40 plus years. yes, I have seen the four super bowl losses, I witnessed Denny taking the knee, and watched just recently the 26-14 loss to the Eagles in the playoffs last year.

    However, hope springs eternal. A week off will do the Vikings a world of good. Rest the players, allow the injured to heal.

    I still believe in Nostradamus when he predicted the Vikings to win it all this year.

    SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!


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    Re:Be Honest... Have you...

    I'm not expecting a SB victory or even a first round victory, nor do I expect us to lose.

    I do like our chances this year better than I have in a very long time and am hopeful that we will make a good run at it. I don't look at the past as an indicator of the future, it's all about the players we put on the field today and how they play. Talent wise we are stronger than we've been in a very long time which is a big part of the formula needed, however, the true measure will be how we play when it matters. That's why Pittsburgh won last year and why AZ had the run they did. Not particularly dominant teams, just played their best when it mattered.

    We have our weaknesses (mostly our secondary) just like every other team in the playoffs, but I think our edge will come from our marquee players. Guys like Favre, Peterson, Rice, Harvin, Allen, Wiliams', and Greenway will determine our fate. If the OL plays at a decent level, I like our chances against anyone. The dome is a huge advantage for us as well.

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    Re:Be Honest... Have you...

    Nodak and Shock,

    I can see it now. Vikings win Super
    Bowl, and You Tubes #1 viewed video is me, Running thru the streets of " Hard Hitting New Britain, CT" NAKED, while the song by DEVO " Whip It " is playing in the background! LMAO :P


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    Re:Be Honest... Have you...

    NordicNed wrote:
    Nodak and Shock,

    I can see it now. Vikings win Super
    Bowl, and You Tubes #1 viewed video is me, Running thru the streets of " Hard Hitting New Britain, CT" NAKED, while the song by DEVO " Whip It " is playing in the background! LMAO :P
    LMAO, Ned, did I ever tell you that you crack me up???
    PPO Ambassador, Defender of the Purple Faith and Guardian of the Gates of Valhalla

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    Re:Be Honest... Have you...

    I have mentally prepared for failure, but am very optimistic at the ultimate bit of success!

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