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    Re:Homepage Report: Updated Features

    Two more small things....

    1. How do you edit your text.
    2. Damn, boss asked me a question and I can't remember the second one.

    Must be suffering from CRS. Can't Remember Shit for you non medical types.

    OK, Edit doesn't work if you qoute someone.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re:Homepage Report: Updated Features

    Marrdro wrote:

    Only things I don't like are:

    c. Most importantly, I'm getting used to the "Recent" and "My" discussion buttons but I liked it when I read a thread it went away from the list.

    Probably some way to make all that stuff work. I just need to figure it out. :woohoo:
    I share that same opinion. After reading a topic from "My discussions", it is still there when I go back to "My discussions" again. Previously it went away from the list & one could purge the list after going to each topic. Also we were able to narrow that list down to the ones we didn't want to read, click "Mark as Read" & those remaining would be purged.

    As it stands now, when I go back to "My discussions", the topic is still there & not only that, but it still lists the same number of "new posts" that I just read. It should say 0 at that point, but it doesn't.

    I tried Webby's suggestion & after reading a thread, I clicked "Forum Tools" & then clicked "Mark As Read" for that particular topic, but it doesn't work. Upon returning to "My discussion after that, the topic still shows up & still shows a boatload of "New Replies"

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