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Thread: Highlights?

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    Hey guys,

    Sorry I havent been posting really, just a lotta school and hockey, but I missed the 2nd half of todays game (I wish I woulda missed the 1st half) but I have seen all the highlights cept for Henderson's INT return. I have checked and they skipped it.

    Any place where I could see it?



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    Re: Highlights?

    Yes, on just click "more videos".
    It's there, just gotta look.

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    Re: Highlights?

    ok so heres my situation. i had some things to do today but i put them off until the game was over. i left when there was 1 minute left, because i knew we had won the game for sure. so anyways, i later find out from a friend that darren sharper got an interception with like 30 seconds left. i always miss the good plays (including the time when i was watchin MNF packers vs eagles and i left for a second and i come back and i find out i missed the play were favre got hurt) so anyways i have been watching all the sports channels for TWO hours waiting for the highlights of the vikes vs lions game so i can see the interception and do you think they show it? NO! like it would kill them to show a good team every now and then. gees. if i see the bears vs bills game ONE MORE TIME i will PUKE! seriously. and reggie bush's td, as well as the play where larry johnson hurt his neck. it makes me mad that they show some teams over and over and all they show is the score of the vikes game. i have learned my lesson to NEVER leave if the game isnt over yet, even with a minute left. maybe by some miracle they will show it....some day.
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    Re: Highlights?

    I didn't get to see it either...I was making myself a bean and cheese burrito

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    Re: Highlights?

    I am looking through the DVD now.

    Will have clips ups soon.

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