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    You play for the UofC thats awesome when do you guys start camp. I was Going to play for the Uof A last year but didnt get in because my marks were not high enough.

    So now I am going to play at Dickinson State University (NAIA) I know its not NCAA but hey its football. We start camp there aug 16 im pumped. I basicly sat out last season due to that academic mess so I am ready to roll altough I did get to participate in Spring Ball with DSU.

    Know im involved in NAIA I have realized ther has been some pretty good players to come out of the leauge

    Jon KItna
    Ron Dixon
    Mark Boriegter
    Chris Walby (CFL PLAYED FOR DSU)

    Plus many more. not bad for a leauge i barely heard about before i got involved with it.

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    Oh yeah I forgot to wish you good luck man.

    And good luck to everyone else who has seasons coming !!!!!!

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