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    Hey Guys, Merrill Hoge here....

    I'm sitting here with my good buddy, Trent Dilfer. Now I realize that normally you'd never listen to anything football-related that comes out of the mouth of a man who actually goes by the name Merrill, but I'm on ESPN so you have to.

    Trent and I have been just sitting around with our heads up Wade Phillips' and Tony Romo's asses all week and you wouldn't believe the things you hear up here!

    Trent just wanted me to write you to reiterate that THE Dallas Cowboys are going to kick the living shit out of your precious Vikings so bad that by the time it's said and done you'll be begging them to move to LA, right Trent??? Trent says right. In fact that pitiful team that you so love may as well not even show up, because as we've been telling you all week, this Cowboys team is unbeatable and the Vikings are a fraud. You have absolutely NO chance, trust us. You may think you won 12 games this year but in fact you didn't, because you are not good enough for that. On the other hand, this Cowboys team is about to go down in history as the greatest undefeated NFL team, well, in history.

    Now, I know you'd normally never listen to anything football-related that came out of the mouth of a man who has a Super Bowl ring despite the fact that he was the Quarterback of an offense that failed to score a touchdown for four weeks, but you have to listen because he's on ESPN just like me.

    What's that Trent??? Oh, Trent wants me to remind you that plenty of offenses go four weeks without a touchdown. True Trent but they don't do so DURING the season.

    So remember us and our expertise tomorrow when your Vikings are getting embarrassed in front of their home town fans and maybe even drop us a line over at ESPN to tell us how great we are.

    Sincerely, Merrill and Trent.

    P.S. The Vikings suck.....

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    Re:Hey Guys, Merrill Hoge here....

    Funniest post ever.

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    Re:Hey Guys, Merrill Hoge here....

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    Re:Hey Guys, Merrill Hoge here....

    Great post Holmstrom!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re:Hey Guys, Merrill Hoge here....

    ESPN Countdown has been a little Vikings and a lot of Romo, Ware, Phillips, and Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys. Perhaps they will get to the Vikings sometime.

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