"COJOMAY" wrote:
In the Minneapolis Star/Tribune today a writer is talking to past University of Minnesota football players about why the Gophers haven't won the Big 10 Title fot 40 years. The longest in the Big 10 and tied with Indiana.
One of the former players gave this perspective:
I have a belief that within organizations to get anything done requires leadership, and the old adage is that the fish rots from the head. So, if you've got poor leadership at the top it's going to show in your results.
I couldn't help but think of Wilf and Childress in this statement.
I can't blame Wilfy for bchill.. He took what he thought and was told was an Intelligent Football mind. what he got was a stubburn qb coach that thinks he build HIS team quickly.. He layed out a plan. it sounded good.. so here we go. rotten fish .. check bchilly's locker..