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Idk yo, I think Cook has to shine this season. He got crap on alot last year.
I don't agree. He actually did a pretty good job after Herrera took over for Hicks and he got a bit more used to the scheme as the year went on.

I will look, but someone posted a article buy a guy who pinged on him all year, who actually apologized to Cook (in a article) after he looked at his stats and find out he really didn't play that bad, especially considering he was a Rookie, thrust into a starting role at RT after playing Center at the collegiate level.

Anyone else remember that thread/article?
Cook was a rookie in 2006, not 2007.

He played in 6 games in 2006, starting in only the last 3 & started his 1st full-season in 2007.

Didn't he play RG in 2006 & wasn't moved to RT until 2007?
If they don't play thier first year I kind of lump them in as rookies on the field. TJ is a prime example of that.
I kept calling him a rookie last year as well.

I get in alot of trouble with that don't I however, because he is playing the position for the first time I call them a rookie instead of typing "First year starter".

I will find a better word/term so I don't confuse people.
No you didn't. You kept referring to him as "Future Boy"