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    Herrera faces latest challenge

    [size=18px]Collier grad Herrera faces latest challenge[/size]

    By Craig Handel
    Originally posted on July 24, 2006

    It's a new season for Anthony Herrera, but the same, old situation.

    His team, the Minnesota Vikings, hired a new coach, Brad Childress. The former Philadelphia offensive coordinator brought in two veteran players at the offensive guard position — Steve Hutchinson for the left side and former Eagles' starter Artis Hicks for the right side.

    Herrera, a third-year right guard who made the Vikings as an undrafted free agent, has to prove himself again.

    "Yeah, that's life," said Herrera, a 1998 graduate of Barron Collier High School. "You see your whole life and the challenges, but when you succeed, that's when you learn to appreciate it most."

    A lot of Herrera's outlook comes from his mother Jennifer Durity. As a single mother, she brought her three sons and daughter to the Naples area from Trinidad and Tobago.

    While Herrera has been able to help his mother financially, she still wants to stay in the home she bought because she earned that.

    "I guess so," he said, laughing at the comparison between himself and his mother. "That's what it feels like."

    Asked what the key was to the 6-foot-2, 315-pounder making the Vikings, he said, "Being patient and working hard." Asked about his strategy to become the starter for Minnesota's last six games of 2005, he said, "Being tenacious and working hard."

    You can guess what his approach will be this fall.

    Herrera, 26, will battle the 6-5, 330-pound Hicks, 27, who started 31 games over the past three seasons, for playing time. Hicks has played every position along the line, but Childress said he will open training camp as the starter at right guard.

    "We intend to anchor him in there at the right guard position," Childress told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. "We just thought it was a deal that we could not pass up."

    During an April mini-camp, the Vikings rotated Herrera, Chris Liwienski and Adam Goldberg at the position.

    "It's a big opportunity for me," Herrera said. "It's in nobody else's hands. I just gotta go out and do what I need to do."

    Herrera's agent, Chad Speck, feels that his client still has a chip on his shoulder for not being drafted and that continues to drive him.

    "What you get with Anthony is that he goes full tilt all the time," Speck said. "He has persevered. When you make the team as a free agent, you have to be a fighter and not give up. You fight tooth and nail to be seen and earn a job."

    After winning seven of their last nine games last season, Herrera said the Vikings are excited about this year, even though they lost quarterback Daunte Culpepper and have a new coaching staff.

    After the "Love Boat" scandal last season, Herrera said the players and coaches are starting to jell again.

    As for himself, Herrera doesn't just want to play and start, he wants to excel. He wants to be an All-Pro. He wants to be the best at his position.

    "Growing up, that's the only way I knew how to do it," Herrera said. "Don't do it halfway, do it 100 percent. That's how it went for everyone in my family."

    "That doesn't surprise me a bit,' Speck said. "To play at this level, that's the kind of attitude you gotta have. Quite frankly, I question players who don't have that attitude."

    Speck's role will become more important after this season. Herrera is in a contract year. If he plays well again, he will set himself up for a hefty pay raise.

    Herrera is blunt about the future.

    "I just gotta go out and do what I need to do," he said. "If I do that, I'll play with the Vikings or somewhere else. I'll leave that up to my agent as far as the best thing to do."

    Speck said this is a big season for Herrera.

    "He's ready for it," he said. "If he succeeds, he deserves it. Watch out."

    Collier grad Herrera faces latest challenge

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Herrera faces latest challenge

    I do hope A.h really pulls ahead this year!! he's there for all the things the vikes have asked. he's got hte right attitude now.. so lets hope he really gets it into gear and show's why he's worth more!!


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    Re: Herrera faces latest challenge

    Give it your all Herrara and I am sure you will suceed here.

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    Re: Herrera faces latest challenge

    I forgot all about Artis Hicks

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