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    Quote Originally Posted by tarkenton10 View Post
    That is why I want to see what he can do with the first team this preseason. What part of that offends you? Are you afraid to see if he has the talent to play in the league? I would rather see what he has with the first team and go from there. If he can't play why waste our time with him, cut him and draft someone who can play LB.

    Like I said, I'm all for giving him first team reps in practice/preseason to see how he does. But the fact remains, he's a late round pick who did literally nothing last season. Has no game experience, has not taken a meaningful snap since December over a year ago. We can't go into the season hoping he'll be a stud. We need a contingency plan. Draft somebody high, sign a FA, something. Even if Cole is a stud right away, we need a backup anyway. Get a starter and let Cole compete for the job, but don't assume Cole is the guy.

    If Cole didn't have those pick-sixes in that one game, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Remember a few years ago when everyone thought Sherels would be the next great thing since he had one good play in preseason? He's just straight up awful. Every year there's a guy like this. Jason Carter ring any bells?

    The coaches see Cole every day at practice. They evidently don't think it's worth giving him game reps.
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