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    Hello Viking fans

    Welcome, you should be fine here as long as you dont get too cocky and overconfident. :lol: Just dont turn into a texpac or the dude, loviebear.
    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

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    Hello Viking fans

    Welcome. Anyone who talks real football is welcomed here. One warning though, we're a little biased.

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    Hello Viking fans

    Welcome, Packerguy (and iLUUUVpurple!!! also), to the greatest sports fan message board ever created by man or beast (actually by Webby)! I always pass on the advice given to me when I started here: Have good takes and don't suck!

    Good to have you both here!

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    Re: Hello Viking fans

    "Packerguy" wrote:
    I thought I would make things interesting for myself and start posting on a viking forum. There are many viking fans on the Packer forum I frequent, howver most of them are a pain in the a$$.

    I love talking football and will try add intelligent conversation to the mix about football(your club or mine).

    Go packers
    Glad to have ya.

    We will promise not to get you to join our cult if you promise us you are not trying to get us to join yours. :scratch: :shock: 8) :salute: :thumbright:

    Not to biased when I say this, I have been to someother NFL team boards and I have to say overall, we are pretty intelligent. We don't have a tendency to beat up on our own Poster(fans) as much for voicing "opinions."

    You will find your niche here.

    Once again, glad to have ya.

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    Hello Viking fans

    Welcome aboard.

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    Hello Viking fans

    Welcome to PurplePride. We do love to trash the Pack here so watch for the smack to be coming your way. Just take it with a grain of salt and talk some good football.

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    Hello Viking fans

    Ahhhhh......go back to your own board ya green and gold, pig stickin', cheese lovin', beer fartin', inbred Pack fan.

    Actually I'm kidding....welcome aboard. It's just that, since this has been the warmest welcome I have ever seen given to a Pack fan, I just had to break up the Hallmark moment.
    Follow Los' lead and you'll be alright.

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